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NFL Draft
1.01Murray, Kyler ARI QBOklahomaFree Agent
1.02Bosa, Nick SFO DEOhio StateFree Agent
1.03Williams, Quinnen NYJ DTAlabamaFree Agent
1.04Ferrell, Clelin OAK DEClemsonFree Agent
1.05White, Devin TBB LBLSUFree Agent
1.06Jones, Daniel NYG QBDukeFree Agent
1.07Allen, Josh JAC DEKentuckyFree Agent
1.08Hockenson, T.J. DET TEIowaFree Agent
1.09Oliver, Ed BUF DTHoustonFree Agent
1.10Bush, Devin PIT LBMichiganFree Agent
1.12Gary, Rashan GBP DEMichiganFree Agent
1.13Wilkins, Christian MIA DTClemsonFree Agent
1.15Haskins, Dwayne WAS QBOhio StateFree Agent
1.16Burns, Brian CAR DEFlorida StateFree Agent
1.17Lawrence, Dexter NYG DTClemsonFree Agent
1.19Simmons, Jeffery TEN DTMississippi StateFree Agent
1.20Fant, Noah DEN TEIowaFree Agent
1.21Savage, Darnell GBP SMarylandFree Agent
1.24Jacobs, Josh OAK RBAlabamaFree Agent
1.25Brown, Marquise BAL WROklahomaFree Agent
1.26Sweat, Montez WAS LBMississippi StateFree Agent
1.27Abram, Johnathan OAK SMississippi StateFree Agent
1.28Tillery, Jerry LAC DTNotre DameFree Agent
1.29Collier, L.J. SEA DETCUFree Agent
1.30Baker, Deandre NYG CBGeorgiaFree Agent
1.32Harry, N'Keal NEP WRArizona StateFree Agent
2.01Murphy, Byron ARI CBWashingtonFree Agent
2.02Ya-Sin, Rock IND CBTempleFree Agent
2.04Samuel, Deebo SFO WRSouth CarolinaFree Agent
2.07Bunting, Sean TBB CBCentral MichiganFree Agent
2.08Mullen, Trayvon OAK CBClemsonFree Agent
2.10Lock, Drew DEN QBMissouriFree Agent
2.11Tavai, Jahlani DET LBHawaiiFree Agent
2.13Williams, Joejuan NEP CBVanderbiltFree Agent
2.14Williams, Greedy CLE CBLSUFree Agent
2.15Blair, Marquise SEA SUtahFree Agent
2.17Banogu, Ben IND DETCUFree Agent
2.18Smith Jr., Irv MIN TEAlabamaFree Agent
2.19Brown, A.J. TEN WRMississippiFree Agent
2.20Sample, Drew CIN TEWashingtonFree Agent
2.21Sanders, Miles PHI RBPenn StateFree Agent
2.22Johnson, Lonnie HOU CBKentuckyFree Agent
2.24Hardman, Mecole KCC WRGeorgiaFree Agent
2.25Arcega-Whiteside, JJ PHI WRStanfordFree Agent
2.26Hill, Trysten DAL DTUCFFree Agent
2.27Campbell, Parris IND WROhio StateFree Agent
2.28Adderley, Nasir LAC SDelawareFree Agent
2.29Rapp, Taylor LAR SWashingtonFree Agent
2.30Isabella, Andy ARI WRMassachusettsFree Agent
2.31Thornhill, Juan KCC SVirginiaFree Agent
2.32Metcalf, DK SEA WRMississippiFree Agent
3.01Allen, Zach ARI DEBoston CollegeFree Agent
3.02Johnson, Diontae PIT WRToledoFree Agent
3.03Hurd, Jalen SFO WRBaylorFree Agent
3.04Polite, Jachai NYJ LBFloridaFree Agent
3.05Oliver, Josh JAC TESan Jose StateFree Agent
3.06Henderson, Darrell LAR RBMemphisFree Agent
3.07Jones, Dre'Mont DEN DTOhio StateFree Agent
3.08Pratt, Germaine CIN LBNorth Carolina StateFree Agent
3.09Montgomery, David CHI RBIowa StateFree Agent
3.10Singletary, Devin BUF RBFlorida AtlanticFree Agent
3.11Sternberger, Jace GBP TETexas A&MFree Agent
3.12McLaurin, Terry WAS WROhio StateFree Agent
3.13Winovich, Chase NEP DEMichiganFree Agent
3.15Long, David LAR CBMichiganFree Agent
3.16Takitaki, Sione CLE LBBrigham YoungFree Agent
3.17Harris, Will DET SBoston CollegeFree Agent
3.19Layne, Justin PIT CBMichigan StateFree Agent
3.20Saunders, Khalen KCC DTWestern IllinoisFree Agent
3.21Ferguson, Jaylon BAL LBLouisiana TechFree Agent
3.22Warring, Kahale HOU TESan Diego StateFree Agent
3.23Harris, Damien NEP RBAlabamaFree Agent
3.24Barton, Cody SEA LBUtahFree Agent
3.25Okereke, Bobby IND LBStanfordFree Agent
3.29Boykin, Miles BAL WRNotre DameFree Agent
3.30Dean, Jamel TBB CBAuburnFree Agent
3.31Ximines, Oshane NYG DEOld DominionFree Agent
3.32Knox, Dawson BUF TEMississippiFree Agent
3.34Williams, Quincy JAC LBMurray StateFree Agent
3.35Edwards, Mike TBB SKentuckyFree Agent
3.36Grier, Will CAR QBWest VirginiaFree Agent
3.38Mattison, Alexander MIN RBBoise StateFree Agent
4.01Butler, Hakeem ARI WRIowa StateFree Agent
4.02Finley, Ryan CIN QBNorth Carolina StateFree Agent
4.03Gardner-Johnson, Chauncey NOS SFloridaFree Agent
4.04Crosby, Maxx OAK DEEastern MichiganFree Agent
4.05Nelson, Anthony TBB DEIowaFree Agent
4.06Love, Julian NYG CBNotre DameFree Agent
4.07Willis, Khari IND SMichigan StateFree Agent
4.08Wishnowsky, Mitch SFO PNUtahLeague Does Not Use This Position
4.09Sheffield, Kendall ATL CBOhio StateFree Agent
4.10Love, Bryce WAS RBStanfordFree Agent
4.11Hill, Justice BAL RBOklahoma StateFree Agent
4.13Miller, Christian CAR LBAlabamaFree Agent
4.14Hooker, Amani TEN SIowaFree Agent
4.15Bryant, Austin DET DEClemsonFree Agent
4.17Redwine, Sheldrick CLE SMiami (FL)Free Agent
4.18Jennings, Gary SEA WRWest VirginiaFree Agent
4.19Wesco, Trevon NYJ TEWest VirginiaFree Agent
4.20Snell, Benny PIT RBKentuckyFree Agent
4.23Wren, Renell CIN DTArizona StateFree Agent
4.24Ridley, Riley CHI WRGeorgiaFree Agent
4.25Marshall, Iman BAL CBUSCFree Agent
4.26Pollard, Tony DAL RBMemphisFree Agent
4.27Johnson, Isaiah OAK CBHoustonFree Agent
4.28Tranquill, Drue LAC LBNotre DameFree Agent
4.30Amadi, Ugo SEA CBOregonFree Agent
4.31Stidham, Jarrett NEP QBAuburnFree Agent
4.32Gaines, Greg LAR DTWashingtonFree Agent
4.33Cominsky, John ATL DECharleston UnivFree Agent
4.35Moreau, Foster OAK TELSUFree Agent
4.36Miller, Shareef PHI DEPenn StateFree Agent
5.01Thompson, Deionte ARI SAlabamaFree Agent
5.02Armstead, Ryquell JAC RBTempleFree Agent
5.03Gentry, Zach PIT TEMichiganFree Agent
5.04Burr-Kirven, Ben SEA LBWashingtonFree Agent
5.05Connelly, Ryan NYG LBWisconsinFree Agent
5.06Tell, Marvell IND SUSCFree Agent
5.07Gay, Matt TBB PKUtahFree Agent
5.08Oruwariye, Amani DET CBPenn StateFree Agent
5.09Joseph, Vosean BUF LBFloridaFree Agent
5.10Greenlaw, Dre SFO LBArkansasFree Agent
5.11Renfrow, Hunter OAK WRClemsonFree Agent
5.12Keke, Kingsley GBP DTTexas A&MFree Agent
5.13Van Ginkel, Andrew MIA LBWisconsinFree Agent
5.14Ollison, Qadree ATL RBPittsburghFree Agent
5.16Scarlett, Jordan CAR RBFloridaFree Agent
5.17Wilson, Mack CLE LBAlabamaFree Agent
5.18Hollins, Justin DEN LBOregonFree Agent
5.19Cashman, Blake NYJ LBMinnesotaFree Agent
5.20Jackson, Michael DAL CBMiami (FL)Free Agent
5.21Cowart, Byron NEP DEMarylandFree Agent
5.22Mack, Daylon BAL DTTexas A&MFree Agent
5.23Omenihu, Charles HOU DETexasFree Agent
5.24Smith, Cameron MIN LBUSCFree Agent
5.25Bailey, Jake NEP PNStanfordLeague Does Not Use This Position
5.26Speed, E.J. IND LBTarleton StateFree Agent
5.27Jackson, Joe DAL DEMiamiFree Agent
5.28Stick, Easton LAC QBNorth Dakota StateFree Agent
5.29Thorson, Clayton PHI QBNorthwesternFree Agent
5.30Walker, D'Andre TEN LBGeorgiaFree Agent
5.32Seibert, Austin CLE PKOklahomaFree Agent
5.33Slayton, Darius NYG WRAuburnFree Agent
5.34Miller, Jordan ATL CBWashingtonFree Agent
5.35Holcomb, Cole WAS LBNorth CarolinaFree Agent
6.01Johnson, KeeSean ARI WRFresno StateFree Agent
6.02Smith, Sutton PIT LBNorthern IllinoisFree Agent
6.03Smith, Kaden SFO TEStanfordFree Agent
6.04Hampton, Saquan NOS SRutgersFree Agent
6.05Minshew, Gardner JAC QBWashington StateFree Agent
6.07Ballentine, Corey NYG CBWashburnFree Agent
6.08Johnson, Jaquan BUF SMiami (FL)Free Agent
6.09Williams, Trayveon CIN RBTexas A&MFree Agent
6.11Fulgham, Travis DET WROld DominionFree Agent
6.12Hollman, Ka'dar GBP CBToledoFree Agent
6.13Johnson, Ty DET RBMarylandFree Agent
6.14Winfree, Juwann DEN WRColoradoFree Agent
6.15Long, David TEN LBWest VirginiaFree Agent
6.17Watts, Armon MIN DTArkansasFree Agent
6.18Epps, Marcus MIN SWyomingFree Agent
6.19Buggs, Isaiah PIT DEAlabamaFree Agent
6.21Williams, Dexter GBP RBNotre DameFree Agent
6.22Crawford, Xavier HOU CBCentral MichiganFree Agent
6.23Austin, Blessuan NYJ CBRutgersFree Agent
6.24McSorley, Trace BAL QBPenn StateFree Agent
6.25Harris, Tim SFO CBVirginiaFree Agent
6.26Green, Gerri IND DEMississippi StateFree Agent
6.27Egbule, Emeke LAC LBHoustonFree Agent
6.28Fenton, Rashad KCC CBSouth CarolinaFree Agent
6.30Green, Marcus ATL WRLouisiana-MonroeFree Agent
6.31Homer, Travis SEA RBMiamiFree Agent
6.32Shelley, Duke CHI SKansas StateFree Agent
6.33Harmon, Kelvin WAS WRNorth Carolina StateFree Agent
6.34Gilbert, Ulysees PIT LBAkronFree Agent
6.35Miller, Scott TBB WRBowling GreenFree Agent
6.36Christmas, Demarcus SEA DTFlorida StateFree Agent
6.37Davis, Deshaun CIN LBAuburnFree Agent
6.38Anderson, Rodney CIN RBOklahomaFree Agent
6.40Wilson, Donovan DAL STexas A&MFree Agent
6.42Thompson, Darwin KCC RBUtah StateFree Agent
7.01Beckner, Terry TBB DTMissouriFree Agent
7.03Boyd, Kris MIN CBTexasFree Agent
7.04Weber, Mike DAL RBOhio StateFree Agent
7.06Gillaspia, Cullen HOU RBTexas A&MFree Agent
7.07Lewis, Donnie CLE CBTulaneFree Agent
7.08Whyte, Kerrith CHI RBFlorida AtlanticFree Agent
7.09Brown, Jordan CIN CBSouth Dakota StateFree Agent
7.10Nauta, Isaac DET TEGeorgiaFree Agent
7.11Johnson, Darryl BUF DENorth Carolina A&TFree Agent
7.12Summers, Ty GBP LBTCUFree Agent
7.13Moreland, Jimmy WAS CBJames MadisonFree Agent
7.14Sweeney, Tommy BUF TEBoston CollegeFree Agent
7.15Johnson, P.J. DET DTArizonaFree Agent
7.16Bell, Quinton OAK LBPrairie View A&MFree Agent
7.17Mack, Alize NOS TENotre DameFree Agent
7.19Cox, Chandler MIA RBAuburnFree Agent
7.20Gaskin, Myles MIA RBWashingtonFree Agent
7.21Russell, Dontavius JAC DTAuburnFree Agent
7.22Ursua, John SEA WRHawaiiFree Agent
7.23Godwin, Terry CAR WRGeorgiaFree Agent
7.24Denmark, Stephen CHI CBValdosta StateFree Agent
7.25Mitchell, Dillon MIN WROregonFree Agent
7.27Jelks, Jalen DAL DEOregonFree Agent
7.28Broughton, Cortez LAC DECincinnatiFree Agent
7.29Scott, Nick LAR SPenn StateFree Agent
7.30Elliss, Kaden NOS LBIdahoFree Agent
7.31Slayton, Chris NYG DTSyracuseFree Agent
7.33Johnson, Olabisi MIN WRColorado StateFree Agent
7.35Dogbe, Michael ARI DETempleFree Agent
7.37Allen, Dakota LAR LBTexas TechFree Agent
7.38Webster, Ken NEP CBMississippiFree Agent
7.39Brailford, Jordan WAS LBOklahoma StateFree Agent
7.40Wilson, Caleb ARI TEUCLAFree Agent