ATTENTION: New & Returning Owners.
The HEAVY METAL League Franchise Fees are now $165/per season.
The GOLD League has been reduced from $270 to $165 per season.

If you want to buy a new "start-up" dynasty franchise, we are launching 2 new leagues.
The Platinum & Silver League Franchises are now available for purchase!
There are currently only 8 Teams remaining in both of the new leagues.

Heavy Metal League Rules
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Show me who should start in week
Who Should BORG Gold Start In Week 1?
Should StartShould BenchPct Count
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBCarr, Derek OAK QB51.9%27
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCarr, Derek OAK QB89.2%37
Stafford, Matthew DET QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB87.8%41
Ekeler, Austin LAC RBEdwards, Gus BAL RB87.0%23
Freeman, Royce DEN RBEkeler, Austin LAC RB71.4%21
Freeman, Royce DEN RBMcKinnon, Jerick SFO RB63.3%30
Freeman, Royce DEN RBEdwards, Gus BAL RB72.2%18
McKinnon, Jerick SFO RBEdwards, Gus BAL RB55.6%27
McKinnon, Jerick SFO RBEkeler, Austin LAC RB51.7%29
Gallup, Michael DAL WRCallaway, Antonio CLE WR75.0%32
Gallup, Michael DAL WRJones, Zay BUF WR65.6%32
Jones, Zay BUF WRCallaway, Antonio CLE WR79.3%29
Jones, Zay BUF WRThomas, Demaryius NEP WR82.6%23
Lockett, Tyler SEA WRCallaway, Antonio CLE WR97.4%78
Lockett, Tyler SEA WRSanders, Emmanuel DEN WR87.2%47
Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WRJones, Zay BUF WR90.0%40
Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WRGallup, Michael DAL WR87.5%48
Goedert, Dallas PHI TEAndrews, Mark BAL TE55.9%34
Ogunjobi, Larry CLE DTHand, Da'Shawn DET DT66.7%6
Hill, B.J. NYG DEAddison, Mario CAR DE60.0%5
Alexander, Kwon SFO LBWarner, Fred SFO LB82.4%17
Davis, Jarrad DET LBWatt, T.J. PIT LB50.0%10
Jack, Myles JAC LBWarner, Fred SFO LB81.2%16
Jack, Myles JAC LBDavis, Jarrad DET LB60.0%20
Jack, Myles JAC LBAlexander, Kwon SFO LB81.8%11
Jack, Myles JAC LBWatt, T.J. PIT LB83.3%12
Jones, Deion ATL LBJack, Myles JAC LB72.2%18
Jones, Deion ATL LBDavis, Jarrad DET LB82.6%23
Warner, Fred SFO LBWatt, T.J. PIT LB66.7%6
Watt, T.J. PIT LBAlexander, Kwon SFO LB60.0%5
Watt, T.J. PIT LBDavis, Jarrad DET LB50.0%10
Gilmore, Stephon NEP CBJenkins, Janoris NYG CB55.6%9