ATTENTION: New & Returning Owners.
The HEAVY METAL League Franchise Fees are now $165/per season.
The GOLD League has been reduced from $270 to $165 per season.

If you want to buy a new "start-up" dynasty franchise, we are launching 2 new leagues.
The Platinum & Silver League Franchises are now available for purchase!
There are currently only 8 Teams remaining in both of the new leagues.

Heavy Metal League Rules
Contact the Commish to Sign Up

Call or Text 480.993.5386
Email PPFFLCommish@gmail.com

Visit PPFFL.com
Show me the scoring franchises between week and week
Franchise Records
1.Bills Mafia20182429.0
2.Protocol Droids201813423.5
3.Bills Mafia201815418.5
4.Fair Game20187417.5
5.Fair Game201813417.0
6.Ring My Bell20181410.0
7.Bills Mafia201811409.5
8.Bills Mafia20183405.5
9.Ring My Bell20186404.5
10.Jacked Up201711402.5
11.Bills Mafia20189399.0
13.Fair Game20186397.5
14.Ring My Bell20182393.0
17.Lohr's Hammer20184389.5
19.Bills Mafia201711385.5
21.Bills Mafia20177384.5
22.Ring My Bell201811383.5
23.Fair Game201714381.5
24.Bills Mafia20188381.5
25.Bills Mafia20186380.5