ATTENTION: New & Returning Owners.
The HEAVY METAL League Franchise Fees are now $165/per season.
The GOLD League has been reduced from $270 to $165 per season.

If you want to buy a new "start-up" dynasty franchise, we are launching 2 new leagues.
The Platinum & Silver League Franchises are now available for purchase!
There are currently only 8 Teams remaining in both of the new leagues.

Heavy Metal League Rules
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Show me the top leading up to kickoff of week
Top Week 1 Adds
1.Waller, Darren OAK TEFree Agent27.86%
2.Witten, Jason DAL TEFree Agent27.54%
3.LaCosse, Matt NEP TEFree Agent22.36%
4.Robinson, Demarcus KCC WRFree Agent19.85%
5.Pringle, Byron KCC WRFree Agent19.30%
6.Williams, Preston MIA WR (R) Free Agent18.77%
7.Moore, Chris BAL WRFree Agent17.89%
8.Pollard, Tony DAL RB (R) Free Agent16.49%
9.Crockett, Damarea HOU RB (R) Free Agent16.26%
10.Ollison, Qadree ATL RB (R) Free Agent15.95%
11.Slayton, Darius NYG WR (R) Free Agent15.64%
12.Anderson, Bruce TBB RB (R) Free Agent15.33%
13.Higdon, Karan HOU RB (R) Free Agent15.23%
14.Miller, Scott TBB WR (R) Free Agent14.93%
15.Scarlett, Jordan CAR RB (R) Free Agent14.46%
16.Williams, James KCC RB (R) Free Agent13.82%
17.Homer, Travis SEA RB (R) Free Agent13.61%
18.Knox, Dawson BUF TE (R) Free Agent13.19%
19.Holyfield, Elijah CAR RB (R) Free Agent13.01%
20.Barnes, Alex TEN RB (R) Free Agent12.53%
21.Johnson, Ty DET RB (R) Free Agent12.41%
22.Moreau, Foster OAK TE (R) Free Agent12.22%
23.Watson, Ben NEP TE (S)FU211.97%
24.Gaskin, Myles MIA RB (R) Free Agent11.75%
25.Ozigbo, Devine NOS RB (R) Free Agent11.75%
26.Sample, Drew CIN TE (R) Free Agent11.66%
27.Johnson, KeeSean ARI WR (R) Free Agent11.58%
28.Morgan, Stanley CIN WR (R) Free Agent11.57%
29.Weber, Mike DAL RB (R) Free Agent11.49%
30.Coleman, Corey NYG WRBORG Gold - TS11.28%
31.Kumerow, Jake GBP WRFU2 - IR11.17%
32.Jennings, Gary SEA WR (R) Free Agent10.72%
33.Hall, Emanuel CHI WR (R) (Q)Free Agent10.69%
34.Alie-Cox, Mo IND TEFree Agent10.66%
35.Renfrow, Hunter OAK WR (R) Free Agent10.56%
36.Perriman, Breshad TBB WRFree Agent10.38%
37.Williams, Trayveon CIN RB (R) Free Agent9.07%
38.Warring, Kahale HOU TE (R) Free Agent8.96%
39.Seferian-Jenkins, Austin FA TEFree Agent8.95%
40.Brown, Malcolm LAR RBFree Agent8.81%
41.Roberts, Michael GBP TE (Q)Free Agent8.70%
42.Watson, Justin TBB WRFree Agent8.64%
43.Wilson, Caleb ARI TE (R) Free Agent8.61%
44.Dortch, Greg NYJ WR (R) Free Agent8.33%
45.Inman, Dontrelle NEP WRFree Agent8.05%
46.White, Kevin ARI WRFree Agent7.94%
47.Sills, David BUF WR (R) (Q)Free Agent7.87%
48.Dorsett, Phillip NEP WRFree Agent7.78%
49.Mack, Alize NOS TE (R) Free Agent7.75%
50.Quinn, Trey WAS WRFree Agent7.62%
51.Harris, Maurice NEP WRFree Agent7.59%
52.Humphrey, Lil'Jordan NOS WR (R) Free Agent7.58%
53.Grier, Will CAR QB (R) Free Agent7.48%
54.Conley, Chris JAC WRFree Agent7.43%
55.Oliver, Josh JAC TE (R) Free Agent7.34%
56.Hart, Penny IND WR (R) Free Agent7.34%
57.Cantrell, Dylan LAC WRFree Agent7.28%
58.Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBFree Agent7.27%
59.Finley, Ryan CIN QB (R) Free Agent7.02%
60.Kroft, Tyler BUF TE (Q)Free Agent6.95%
61.Dulin, Ashton IND WR (R) Free Agent6.94%
62.Stidham, Jarrett NEP QB (R) Free Agent6.93%
63.Brown, Jaron SEA WRFree Agent6.89%
64.Blue, Alfred JAC RBFree Agent6.74%
65.Wesco, Trevon NYJ TE (R) Free Agent6.66%
66.Anderson, Rodney CIN RB (R) (Q)Free Agent6.47%
67.Mitchell, Dillon MIN WR (R) Free Agent6.47%
68.Gronkowski, Rob FA TEFree Agent6.35%
69.Thomas, Jordan HOU TEFree Agent6.32%
70.Ursua, John SEA WR (R) Free Agent6.23%
71.Williams, Dexter GBP RB (R) Free Agent6.20%
72.Allen, Javorius NOS RBFor Sale6.01%
73.Stick, Easton LAC QB (R) Free Agent5.95%
74.Minshew, Gardner JAC QB (R) Free Agent5.94%
75.Doss, Keelan OAK WR (R) Free Agent5.78%
76.Hill, Brian ATL RBFree Agent5.71%
77.Thomas, Demaryius NEP WR (Q)BORG Gold5.65%
78.Benjamin, Travis LAC WRFree Agent5.52%
79.Butler, Emmanuel NOS WR (R) Free Agent5.49%
80.Johnson, Anthony TBB WR (R) Free Agent5.45%
81.Gore, Frank BUF RBFree Agent5.44%
82.Ginn Jr., Ted NOS WRFree Agent5.40%
83.Fulgham, Travis DET WR (R) Free Agent5.37%
84.Anderson, C.J. DET RBFree Agent5.36%
85.Hollister, Jacob SEA TEFree Agent5.31%
86.Foles, Nick JAC QBCreed5.23%
87.Berrios, Braxton NEP WRFree Agent5.19%
88.Walton, Mark MIA RBFree Agent5.17%
89.Hilliard, Dontrell CLE RBFree Agent5.11%
90.Jarwin, Blake DAL TEFree Agent5.09%
91.Martin, Doug OAK RBFU25.03%
92.Ridley, Riley CHI WR (R) Free Agent4.96%
93.Dissly, Will SEA TE (Q)Free Agent4.94%
94.Moore, David SEA WRFumble This4.93%
95.Matthews, Rishard NOS WRFree Agent4.90%
96.Matthews, Jordan SFO WRFree Agent4.90%
97.Thompson, Cody KCC WR (R) Free Agent4.83%
98.Jackson, Tyree BUF QB (R) Free Agent4.79%
99.Davis, Mike CHI RBProtocol Droids4.78%
100.Pryor, Terrelle JAC WRFree Agent4.77%
101.Godwin, Terry CAR WR (R) Free Agent4.76%
102.Amendola, Danny DET WRJacked Up4.70%
103.Boone, Mike MIN RBFree Agent4.64%
104.Anderson, Stephen NEP TEFree Agent4.63%
105.Lock, Drew DEN QB (R) Free Agent4.51%
106.Armstead, Ryquell JAC RB (R) (Q)Free Agent4.50%
107.Richardson, Paul WAS WR (Q)Free Agent4.47%
108.Abdullah, Ameer MIN RBFree Agent4.45%
109.Love, Bryce WAS RB (R) (Q)Free Agent4.45%
110.Ellington, Andre TBB RBFree Agent4.44%
111.Harmon, Kelvin WAS WR (R) Free Agent4.43%
112.Higgins, Rashard CLE WRFree Agent4.42%
113.Whyte, Kerrith CHI RB (R) Free Agent4.42%
114.Rogers, Eli PIT WRFree Agent4.36%
115.Switzer, Ryan PIT WRFU24.32%
116.Flacco, Joe DEN QBFor Sale4.32%
117.Jones, Daniel NYG QB (R) Free Agent4.30%
118.Lasley, Jordan BAL WRFree Agent4.29%
119.Gentry, Zach PIT TE (R) Free Agent4.28%
120.Moore, J'Mon GBP WRFree Agent4.22%
121.Snell, Benny PIT RB (R) Free Agent4.19%
122.White Jr., Reggie NYG WR (R) Free Agent4.18%
123.Montgomery, Ty NYJ RBFree Agent4.16%
124.Williams, Darrel KCC RBFree Agent4.16%
125.Swaim, Geoff JAC TEFree Agent4.12%
126.Sudfeld, Nate PHI QBFree Agent4.11%
127.Beasley, Cole BUF WR (Q)For Sale3.99%
128.Harry, N'Keal NEP WR (R) Free Agent3.95%
129.Meyers, Jakobi NEP WR (R) Free Agent3.92%
130.Patrick, Tim DEN WRFree Agent3.91%
131.Warren, Chris OAK RBFree Agent3.91%
132.Scott, Boston PHI RBFree Agent3.90%
133.Clay, Charles ARI TEFor Sale3.88%
134.Gordon, Josh NEP WR (S)Fair Game3.82%
135.Beck, Andrew NEP TE (R) Free Agent3.82%
136.James, Jesse DET TEFree Agent3.78%
137.Taylor, Trent SFO WRFree Agent3.78%
138.Benjamin, Kelvin FA WRWizards3.77%
139.Seals-Jones, Ricky ARI TEFree Agent3.77%
140.Ware, Spencer IND RBFree Agent3.74%
141.Burkhead, Rex NEP RBFU23.70%
142.Bryant, Dez FA WR (Q)Free Agent3.66%
143.Cole, Keelan JAC WRFree Agent3.65%
144.Montgomery, David CHI RB (R) Free Agent3.63%
145.Ellington, Bruce FA WR (Q)Free Agent3.62%
146.McSorley, Trace BAL QB (R) Free Agent3.61%
147.Smith, Rod NYG RBFree Agent3.59%
148.Kaepernick, Colin FA QBFree Agent3.56%
149.Metcalf, DK SEA WR (R) Free Agent3.56%
150.Scott, LJ FA RB (R) Free Agent3.55%
151.Brown, A.J. TEN WR (R) Free Agent3.55%
152.Booker, Devontae DEN RBFree Agent3.54%
153.Wilson, Albert MIA WR (Q)Free Agent3.51%
154.Uzomah, C.J. CIN TEFumble This3.51%
155.Taylor, Jordan MIN WRFree Agent3.51%
156.Washington, Dwayne NOS RBFree Agent3.51%
157.Gallman, Wayne NYG RBFree Agent3.46%
158.Winfree, Juwann DEN WR (R) Free Agent3.45%
159.Thompson, Darwin KCC RB (R) Free Agent3.45%
160.Harris, Damien NEP RB (R) Free Agent3.43%
161.Croom, Jason BUF TE (Q)Free Agent3.42%
162.Vannett, Nick SEA TEFor Sale3.41%
163.Jackson, Justin LAC RBFumble This3.39%
164.Bridgewater, Teddy NOS QBFumble This - TS3.38%
165.Harris, Demetrius CLE TEFree Agent3.36%
166.Hurd, Jalen SFO WR (R) (Q)Free Agent3.35%
167.Griffin III, Robert BAL QBFree Agent3.34%
168.Beebe, Chad MIN WRFree Agent3.31%
169.Snead, Willie BAL WRFree Agent3.30%
170.Shaheen, Adam CHI TEFree Agent3.29%
171.Jackson, Darius DAL RBFree Agent3.25%
172.Hogan, Chris CAR WRFree Agent3.24%
173.Bryant, Martavis FA WR (S)Free Agent3.24%
174.McGuire, Elijah NYJ RBFree Agent3.24%
175.Ateman, Marcell OAK WRFree Agent3.24%
176.McCoy, Colt WAS QB (Q)Fumble This3.24%
177.Eifert, Tyler CIN TE (Q)Free Agent3.23%
178.Nicholson, Montae WAS SFree Agent3.18%
179.Brissett, Jacoby IND QBRing My Bell - TS3.17%
180.Cain, Deon IND WR (Q)Free Agent3.15%
181.Meredith, Cameron NOS WR (Q)Free Agent3.11%
182.Edwards, Gus BAL RBBORG Gold3.11%
183.McLaurin, Terry WAS WR (R) Free Agent3.09%
184.Manning, Eli NYG QBFor Sale3.03%
185.Rypien, Brett DEN QB (R) Free Agent3.02%
186.Perine, Samaje WAS RBFree Agent3.01%
187.Swoope, Erik OAK TEFree Agent2.98%
188.Patterson, Cordarrelle CHI WRFree Agent2.96%
189.Butt, Jake DEN TE (Q)Free Agent2.94%
190.Crowell, Isaiah OAK RB (I)Ring My Bell2.91%
191.Hill, Josh NOS TEFree Agent2.90%
192.Zenner, Zach DET RBFree Agent2.89%
193.Keenum, Case WAS QBWizards2.87%
194.Ajayi, Jay FA RB (Q)MARYLAND MARAUDERS - TS2.87%
195.Onwuasor, Patrick BAL LBFree Agent2.87%
196.Williams, Quincy JAC LB (R) Free Agent2.87%
197.Johnson, Diontae PIT WR (R) Free Agent2.85%
198.Ferguson, Jazz SEA WR (R) Free Agent2.85%
199.Moncrief, Donte PIT WRFree Agent2.84%
200.Wilkins, Jordan IND RBFU2 - TS2.83%